Don’t Be Told

Pure Scot is for anyone who has the courage to be themselves and push boundaries. They are not told by others what life to lead or which Scotch Whisky to choose.

We embrace 200 years of mastery and enhance this tradition with bold passion and a daring view for the future.

Our blend of Scotch Whisky flies a flag for individuality.

The Perfect Cocktail Companion

Thanks to its versatility and approachability, Pure Scot is great served neat, with a drop of water, on the rock or enjoyed in a number of mixed drinks and cocktails.

Try the Pure Scot Spritz for summer BBQs, the Pure Scot Smash if you like something a little more fruity and the Pure Scot Espresso for an interesting twist on your regular Espresso Martini!


Keala Kennelly

Big Wave Surfer, DJ, Women’s Rights Activist & Global Pure Scot Ambassador.

"I decided the only limitations I would accept were the ones I put on myself. I would not be defined by the pre conceived notions of others… and the rest is Herstory!" - KK


Pure Scot

Pure Scot Virgin Oak 43