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Pure Scot is for the radicals, the mavericks and the individuals. Midnight Peat is their drink for when the sun goes down.

Beside the last embers of a glowing bonfire, amongst the smoky haze of an underground bar, or seizing a moment of spontaneity, Pure Scot Midnight Peat is for the explorers of the night.

Finished in smoky, spicy ex-peated whisky casks, Midnight Peat is designed by acclaimed Master Distiller, Nick Savage in collaboration with Australian cocktail bartenders


    Campfire smoke, toffee apple, honey


    Copper Gold

  • NOSE

    Creamy toffee, floral with citrus apples.


    Rich campfire smoke with toffee apples, honey and custard.


    Medium with spicy, sweet mouth feel and tingle from the campfire smoke.

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